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Phosphate is vital for best crop yields, but global supply is limited, could peak in 30 years

Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have pinpointed a key genetic switch that helps soil bacteria living on and inside a plant's roots harvest a vital nutrient…

Carbon-based approaches for saving rainforests should include biodiversity studies

Conservationists working to safeguard tropical forests often assume that old growth forests containing great stores of carbon also hold high biodiversity, but a new study finds that…

Bringing Coconut Farmers into the 21st Century Through Mobile Agriculture

Salt. The soil needed salt. And not just a sprinkling, but up to two kilograms, applied in a shallow trench encircling each aging coconut tree where the outer leaves cast their shadow…

Coastal wetlands excel at storing carbon

In the global effort to mitigate carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, all options are on the table -- including help from nature. Recent research suggests that healthy, intact coastal…

Grass enzymes could raise rice, wheat output

[SYDNEY] Australian researchers see potential for increasing yields of staple crops like wheat and rice by transplanting into them enzymes taken from the common panic grass (Panicum…

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SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2015 - 2016

SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2015 - 2016

On the fourth year of its Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (9th FYDP), SEAMEO BIOTROP strengthened its commitment to develop and empower the human resource in Southeast Asia. This was…

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Research Partners

  • Forest Restoration Research Unit

    The Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU-CMU) is a small team of ecologists and research students in the Science Faculty of Chiang Mai University, N. Thailand, who carry out research to develop efficient methods to restore tropical forest ecosystems for biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and carbon storage. FORRU unit also has an education/outreach team, which provides technical training, based on their research, to a wide range of organizations involved in forest restoration.
  • Bangor University

    Founded in 1884, dedicated to academic excellence for more than 130 years, Bangor University is one of the oldest and most prestigious degree awarding institutions in the UK. Bangor University rankings is:

    Among the top 2% of global higher education institutionsWorld top 100 international university – Times Higher Education Ranking 2015
    Top-50 UK University – Times University League table 2015
    Top-10 UK University for Teaching Quality– Times University League Table 2016
    Top-10 UK University for "student satisfaction" – NSS 2015/br>

    SEAMEO BIOTROP and Bangor University conduct join research on mine reclamation. Several activities have been conducted such as kick off meeting on "Establishing a network of research excellence for mine reclamation in Southeast Asia" between SEAMEO BIOTROP, Bangor University, Western California University, Aberystwyth University as a part of Global Innovation Initiative Consortium. Joint collaboration between the UK and US Governments  through the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills, British Council, and US Department of Trade.

  • Digital Globe and EDP Media

    Digital Globe is a provider for imagery solutions that support a wide variety of uses within defense and intelligence, civil agencies, mapping and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management, Internet portals, and navigation technology. Their collection sources and comprehensive image library (containing over 4 billion square kilometers of Earth-imagery and imagery products) offers a range of on- and offline products and services designed to enable customers to easily access and integrate our imagery into their business operations and applications.

    BIOTROP cooperate with Digital Globe and EDP Media toward facilitating product marketing of digital globe satellite imagery.

  • International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Application (ISAAA)

    ISAAA is a not-for-profit international organization that shares the benefits of crop biotechnology to various stakeholders, particularly resource-poor farmers in developing countries, through knowledge sharing initiatives and the transfer and delivery of proprietary biotechnology applications. ISAAA's global knowledge sharing network and partnerships in the research and development continuum, provide a powerful combination of sciencebased information and appropriate technology to those who need to make informed decisions about their acceptance and use. In addition, an array of support services completes the holistic approach to agricultural development and ensures effective implementation and timely delivery of crop biotechnologies. These services include capacity building for policy makers and scientists; regulatory oversight on such issues as biosafety and food safety; impact assessment, and science communication. BIOTROP cooperate with ISAAA in promoting Cooperation in Indonesia for the effective development and application of Agriculture Technology
  • Pertamina Foundation

    Pertamina Foundation is a nonprofit organization which was established in 12 January 2011, with the intention and purpose in the social and humanitarian which is focused  in the field of environmental education and the legal form of the entity Foundation. The purpose of the establishment of Pertamina Foundation is to improve the effectiveness of activities related to corporate social responsibility through integrated, focused, high impact and sustainable activities, thus positively contributing to whole stakeholders.