Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Eriochloa polystachya

Family Name:
Eriochloa subglabra (nash) Hitchc.
Tropical America, West Indies
Perennial, tufted, usually creeping at the base, sometimes erect, 5-150 cm tall. Stem cylindrical or slightly compressed. Leaf sheaths ribbed, at the base on the nodes densely and finely hairy, the free margin finely fimbriate; ligule a fringe of hairs, the articulation zone pale; both sides densely short-hairy; blade linear, flat, bluish-green, 6-25 cm x 6-15 mm. Inflorescence erect, terminal, 12-24 cm long bearing apically 6-15 pseudo spikes; the higher spikelet solitary, the middle one solitary or in pairs on unequal, spikelet 2-3.8 mm long, 1-2 flowered, green or more or less purplish, the upper flowers bisexual, the lower one if present male. Caryopsis free between the hardened upper glume and lower lemma.
Invaded Habitat:
Marshes and pools, river banks, in and along drains and ditches, inundated and rain-fed rice fields.
Imported in Java long time ago, so far only found in Java and Tanimbar island.
In areas with a strong to medium dry season, sunny to lightly shaded, permanently or periodically marshy or wet sites.
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