Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Artemisia vulgaris

Family Name:
Europe, Continental Asia, & N. America
Perennial, often ascending and branched, rooting at the base, emitting subterranean stolons, very aromatic, 30-200 cm tall.  Stem furrowed, more or less densely whitish-appressed-pilose. Shape and size of leaves very variable.  Leaves densely white-lanate-arachnoid beneath, thinly hairy above, sessile (of young branches shortly petioled), pinnatipartite to bipinnate, oval, upper ones simple, 2.5-10.5 x 1.5-9 cm, apex acute, segments lanceolate,  1-7 mm wide, acute, margin entire or with few, coarse, acute teeth, lower ones often very small.  Panicles terminal and axillary with spiciform branches; heads sessile, usually in the axill of a small, linear bract, turned away from the main rachises of the inflorescence, campanulate or cylindrical, 3.5-5 mm long; ray and disk-flowers c. 2 mm long, light-green; achenes green not developing in Java.
Invaded Habitat:
Coffee, cinchona, and tea-plantations, road-sides, grass-fields, sandy-plains, dikes of  rice-fields, agricultural fields, vegetable fields.
Naturalized in Java, in West and East Java at the high lands.  In Sumatra found  at the high lands of Aceh, North Sumatra, Jambi and West Sumatra, in Nusa Tenggara found at  Candi Kuning, Bali.
Grow well at 250-3 000 m alt., locally a common weed in open localities.
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