Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Paspalum commersonii

Family Name:
Panicum scrobiculatum L. var.  commersonii (Lamk.) Stafp.
Perennial loosely tufted, erect, 20-100 cm tall. Stem slender, apically strongly compressed to triangular. Leaf sheath  up to 5 cm, often pink, lowest one hairy, upper one hairy near the blade; ligule truncate or irregularly toothed, membranous, junction of the leaf  blade hairy; blade narrow,  linear, tapering to the tip, 15-30 cm x 2-15 mm. Inflorescence of two to four spreading racemes, 2-8 cm long, bear a tuft of long white hairs at the base; spikelets alternate in two or more closely set rows beneath a flat rechis; single spikelet, almost spherical, flattened one side convex to the other, light dark brown when ripe, upper glume and lower lemma 5-7 nerved; stigma purple. Caryopsis orbicular, smooth.
Invaded Habitat:
Along the ditch, road sides, upland and tidal rice fields, rubber plantations.
Throughout Indonesia.
Wet, open, cultivated areas; up to 1800 m altitude.
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