Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Sacciolepis indica

Family Name:
Sacciolepis angusta (non Stapf) Ridl
Hymenachne indica (L.) Buese
Annual, erect or ascending from basal reclining rooting part, never long creeping; root fibrous, aromatic, 15-30 cm tall. Stem cylindrical, hollow. Leaf sheaths shorter than the internodes; ligule a ridge of short hairs, leaf blade and sheath junction hairless; blade linear to linear lanceolate, 26 cm x 2-8 mm. Inflorescence arising from end of shoot, spike like, cylindrical branched on all sides, compact or less dense, 1-15 cm x 5 mm; spikelets arrange on all  sides of the spike on short stalks, asymmetrical lanceolate ovoid, curved, sparsely hairy.  Two views of single spikelet, with 2 florets, the lower male sterile, the upper bisexual. Caryopsis compressed, free between the unaltered lower lemma and lower palea.
Invaded Habitat:
Rainfed, upland and tidal rice fields, Imperata grassland, drained swamplands.
Through out Indonesia, except the Mollucas as far as known
Not to dry, not too heavy, preferably fertile soils, but also on rather poor soils on fallow lands and dry land fields.  Up to 1800 m altitude, especially above 400 m.
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