Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Achyranthes aspera

Family Name:
Achyranthes canescens R.Br.
Unknown, possibly not truly indigenous in Malesia
Erect rather stiff herb, usually branched near the base, up to 150 cm tall. Stem angular-ribbed, thickened at the nodes, hard, more or less densely hairy. Leaves oval-obovate or elliptic oblong, 1.5-10  x 0.75-5 cm. Inflorescence terminal spike, rigid, elongated, 10-50 cm long; bud ascending, flowers green, 5 mm long, spreading immediately after flowering, reflexed and closely appressed to rachis; stamens and staminodes pale purplish, the staminodes fimbriate. Fruits 1-seeded, falling surrounded by tepals and bracteoles
Invaded Habitat:
Road sides, waste places
Throughout Indonesia
Sunny dry localities especially in regions with a well-marked dry monsoon, a typical ruderal, 1-2 300 m altitude
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