Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Amaranthus hybridus

Family Name:

Amaranthus cruentus L.
A. paniculatus L.
A. speciosus Sims

Unknown, introduce into Malesia very long ago
Annual, erect, often much branched in upper half.,50-300 cm tall.  Stem obtus-angular, strongly suffused with purple; younger parts more or less densely clothed with short hairs or almost glabrous. Leaves ovate-oblong-lanceolate with sharp base, often with wavy margins, dark green above, strongly tinged with purple beneath, nerves beneath or on both sides more or less hairy, larger one 10-30 x 3-12 cm. Inflorescence crowded, panicles or spikes terminal and also frequently also in the higher leaf axils, erect or at the top more or less drooping, 15-40 cm long;  flowers dark purple, 5-merous; bracts and bracteoles long-pointed distinctly longer than perianth; tepals oblong 3-5, rarely 4; filaments white, free, equaling perianth or slightly longer;  anthers 2-celled, stigmas 2-4, sessile, filiform. Seed dark brown, shining, 1 mm diameter
Invaded Habitat:
Weeds of garlic and potato crops. Sometimes run wild in fields and waste places
Sumatra, Java, and Nusa Tenggara as far as known
In Java occurs in  5-1300 m alt., in dry areas, sometimes  cultivated as an ornamental
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