Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Cyathula prostrata

Family Name:
Achyranthes prostrata L.
Pupalia prostrate Mart.
Cyathula geniculata (non Lour.) Miq.
Probably Africa
Perennial herb, ascending or erect from a rooting base, 30-50 cm tall. Stem quadrangular, thickened above the nodes, often tinged with red, rather densely clothed with fine hairs. Leaves nearly sessile, rhomboid-obovate or rhomboid- oblong, on both surfaces hairy, 1-15 x 0.75—6.5 cm. Inflorescence racemed, racemes terminal and often also in the highest leaf-axils, erect, strait 19-45 cm long (including 1-12 cm peduncle); cluster of flowers numerous, ovoid, 3 mm long, greenish; sepals pubescent; ovary with broad, flat top; styles 0.75 mm long; utricles glabrous, 1.5 mm; seeds brown, shining
Invaded Habitat:
Along road sides, teak-forest, forest borders, secondary forest.
Throughout Indonesia
Common in shaded localities, in the settled areas, 1-1650 m altitude
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