Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Drymaria cordata

Family Name:
Drymaria diandra Blume
Tropical America, mentioned for the first time by Blume in 1825
A creeping or partly ascending annual or perennial herb, green to grayish green, 10-50 cm long. Stem rooting at the internodes, glabrous to glandular-hairy, nodes on each side with 4-7 long, thin, appendages. Leaves opposite, short-stalked, broadly ovate to reniform, glabrous, 5-25 x 5-25 mm . Inflorescence in terminal or axillary cymes; the stalk up to 8 mm long, densely covered with short sticky hairs; sepal 5, free, glabrous, 2-4 mm long;  petal 5, deeply 2-lobed, shorter than the sepal, white; stamen 3, style divided into three below the middle. Fruit a 1-8 seeded capsule, opening with three valves, when ripe falling off together with the stalk. Seeds more or less circular in outline, flattened, warty
Invaded Habitat:
Gardens, roadsides, waste places, rice fields, potato and vegetable crops, coffee, clove, cocoa, and tea plantations
Throughout Indonesia except Kalimantan and Moluccas as far as known
On not too dry to preferably rather humid soils, in the open or lightly shaded, from 150-1 700 m altitude
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