Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Peperomia pellucida

Family Name:
Peperomia gemella Miq.
Tropical America
An annual herb, succulent, erect, 5-40 cm tall. Stems branched, fleshy, round, pale green , 5 mm thick. Leaves alternate, broadly ovate, pale green, 1-3 cm long and wide; petiole 0.6-1 cm long or longer. Inflorescence narrow green spike of numerous inconspicuous flowers arising opposite the leaf base, terminal or lateral, solitary, 3-5 cm long. Fruit globose, brownish, 1-seeded berry, less than 1 mm thick
Invaded Habitat:
Damp shaded walls, roofs, under hedges, along dikes of rice paddies, gardens, nurseries, vegetables crops and plantations
Throughout Indonesia
Prefers sunny to slightly shaded situations, moist, fertile soil and becomes troublesome when large weeds have been eliminated. Occurs at 1- 1 000 m altitude
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