Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Borreria laevis

Family Name:
Borreria laevicaulis Ridl.
Tropical America
Erect, perennial herb. Stem 4-angles, short-hairy on angles, branch at the base, decumbent or ascending 15-50 cm tall. Leaves opposite with stipules joined in a cup, leathery, often dark colored or dull purplish above and green below, oblong-lanceolate, oblong margin rough by very small bristles, otherwise glabrous and smooth, 2.5-6.0 cm by 0.8-2.0 cm, usually with a dark purple line, distinctly nerved.  Inflorescence bisexual, actinomorphic, sessile in axillary, many flowered,  flower head about 1.3 cm, calyx hairy, corolla about 3 mm long, white, often tinged with purple or pink. Seeds transversely wrinkled, narrow; persisting part of septum of fruit well visible, more than 1 mm long.
Invaded Habitat:
Along roadsides, on lawn, locally abundant.  Weed of cacao, oil palm, tea and clove plantations, shifting cultivations and grasslands.
Long time ago introduced into Java, especially West Java. Throughout Indonesia, except Kalimantan as far as known.
Found in areas with a short or pronounced dry season, on sunny or lightly shaded grassy sites especially on hard soils,  up to 1200 m alt.
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