Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Bidens biternata

Family Name:
Coreopsis biternata Lour.
Bidens chinensis Willd
B. abyssinica Sch. Bip.
Tropical America
An annual erect herb, up to 150 cm tall.  Stem 4-angular, glabrous to pubescens. Leaves opposite or rarely alternate toward the apex; pinnately (3)5-9 lpbes, 9-19 cm long, segments ovate to ovate lanceolate, the lower ones often pinnatifid, petiolate. Inflorescence in lax paniculate cymes, usually radiate, 5-7 mm broad; outer involucral bracts much narrorwer than the inner ones; Ray flowers (0)2-5, sterile, corolla 3-6 mm long, yellow; disk flowers corolla 3-5.5 mm long, yellow. Achenes linear, 4-8-ribbed, 6-16 mm long, with (2)3-4(5) retrorsely barbed bristles of 2-4 mm long
Invaded Habitat:
Fields, gardens, roadsides, teak forest, along water coarses
Throughout Indonesia except Kalimantan as far as known
Up to 2 300 m altitude
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