Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Turnera ulmifolia

Family Name:
Turnera angustifolia Mill.
West Indies, already very long ago introduced into other warm countries
Perennial herb, often woody at the base, with a strong tap root, 40-150 cm tall. Stem usually leafy only at the upper part. Leaf petiole up to 2 cm long, blade lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, margin dentate,4-12 x 1-3 cm, leaving a knoblike scar. Inflorescence terminal, pedicel 3-5 mm long;  bracteoles lanceolate, pinnately nerved, serrate, with 2 large marginal glands, 1-3.5 cm x 2.5-6 mm; calyx 2-2.5 cm high; petals yellow, with dentate truncate top, not overlapping at the base, corolla almost  flatly expanded; flowers expand at about 5 in the morning and wither vat 11 a.m. before noon. Fruit capsule ovoid, rather thick walled, 9-10 mm; seeds more than 30, brown, aril white.
Invaded Habitat:
Coastal localities, grassy fields, road sides, under coconuts, often on sandy soils
Sumatra, Java, Madura, Kalimantan as far as known
Sunny to dry localities especially in the coastal regions up to 750 m altitude
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