Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Boerhavia erecta

Family Name:
Tropical and sub-tropical America
Perennial, erect, branched herb, up to 100 cm tall, with strong taproot. Stem cylindrical, thickened at the nodes, green or purplish, commonly sticky. Leaves opposite in unequal pairs, ovate-oblong to ovate- lanceolate, petiolate, glandular, finely hairy, 10-40 x 5-25 mm (larger leaves), 5-30 x 4-20 mm (smaller leaves).  Inflorescence axillary and terminal panicles, or umbel-like, in head of 3-9 flowers; perianth constricted about the middle, green and persistent below, upper parts white to pink, 5-lobed, and falling at maturity. Fruit thin walled, ribbed, becoming sticky when we, 4 mm long, containing a single, club-shaped, longitudinally-ribbed seed
Invaded Habitat:
Disturbed forests, grasslands, pastures, road-sides, along rail roads, gardens, cultivated lands, upland rice fields

Throughout Indonesia except Kalimantan, as far as known
Open, sunny places from 0from the coast up to 700 m altitude. The sticky fruit are easily dispersed by animals, including birds and humans
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