Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Melampodium perfoliatum

Family Name:
Mexico, found for the first time in Java in 1920
An erect annual herb, 25-50 cm tall. Leaves opposite, sessile to short-stalked, elliptic to ovate-triangular to rhomboid, 3-19 x 1-13 cm, both surfaces sparsely hairy. Inflorescence a solitary head in the fork of the stem and axillary; involucral bracts two rows, the five leavy outer ones united at the base, the inner ones each enclosing a fruit; receptacle conocal, with scales; the scales oblong, toothed at the tip; ray flowers 8-13, female, corolla tubular, yellow-orange tongue, achenes smooth 8 mm long; disc-flowers many, male, corolla tubular with 5-lobed limb, yellow. Achenes without pappus
Invaded Habitat:
Fallow fields, road sides, waste places, coffee plantations
West and East Java
On not to dry humid soils at 1 000- 1 150 m altitude
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