Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Coix lacrima-jobi

Family Name:
Coix aquatica Roxb.
Southeast Asia
Perennial, stoloniferous, creeping grass, 15-40 cm tall, rooting and hairy at the nodes, mat forming. Stem tufted, strongly branching at the base. Leaves, upper surface conspicuously glandular, with bristle like hairs, margin wavy, 15-50 x 2-5 cm; ligule membraneous. Inflorescence, emerge in groups from leaf axils, about 8 cm long, the rising from the sheaths;  female spikelet enclosed in a very hard shining, smooth bead-like pear shaped shell; the male spikelets without awns arranged in pairs or threes which protrude from the shell, each male spikelet has 2 florets; stigma purple; feathery
Invaded Habitat:
Disturbed sides, road sides, cultivated areas
Java and Sulawesi as far as known
Pioneer of sandy or rocky soils in humid area at 0-970 m altitude. Seeds dispersed by water and birds. Vegetative propagation from stolon fragments
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