Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Digitaria nuda

Family Name:
Digitaria sorbonica Desv.
D. digitata Urb.
D. sangunalis (non Scop.) Backer.
Panicum sanguinale L. var digitatum Hack.
Paspalum digitatum Kunth.
Perhaps Africa
Annual grass, culms becoming decumbent; rooting at the lower nodes, form ing loose mats; flowering culms erect-ascendent, up to 60 cm long. Leaf sheaths covered with bulbous-based hairs; ligule membranous, irregularly truncate; blade linear-lanceolate, with some hairs in the throat, 2-12 cm x 3-8 mm. Inflorescence terminal, consisting of digitately arranged, dense racemes (pseudo spikes of 3-8), the longest pseudo spikes 5-11 cm; peduncle up to 40 cm long.; spikelet arranged unilaterally, alternately at both sides of keel, 2-2.5 mm long; lower glume lacking; lodicule cuneate, flat; stamens 3; stamen 3; styles2; stigma purple. Caryopsis flat complex
Invaded Habitat:
Waste places, upland rice fields
Throughout Indonesia
Preferring sandy soil up to 900 m altitude
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