Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Nymphoides indica

Family Name:
Limnanthemum indicum (L.) Griseb.
Tropical  America
Perrenial freshwater plant, floating by dying of main stem, 30-150 cm long. Rhizome short, many-stemmed. Petiole of floating leaves 1.5-4 cm long; lowermost leaves in a rosette, submerged with small or without blades; higher ones rather thick on the lower surface, reddish or green, 6-30 x 6-30 cm. Older stems bearing a flower fascicle, a single floating leaf, a bunch of root and a lateral branch, which grows in the same way as the main stem. Inflorescence above water, actinomorphic, faintly fragrant, bisexual, heterodistylous; pedicels 4-12 cm; calyx deeply split, 5-9 mm long; corolla tube 3.5-4.5 mm long, white, on the inner surface and along the margins densely covered with long white hairs. Fruit ellipsoid-globose, ripening under water; seeds numerous, lens-shaped
Invaded Habitat:
In shallow, stagnant or slow-flowing water, usually in pools and ditches and margins of the lakes, inundated rice fields.
Throughout Indonesia except Kalimantan
Occurs at 0-1 900 m altitude. Seed set occurs only when long and short style plants are crossed.
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