Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Hydrolea zeylanica

Family Name:
Hydrolea inermis Lour
H. javanica Bl.
Beloanthera oppositifolia Hassk.
Perennial, often much branched, stem at base creeping and rooting, 10-150 cm long. Stem glabrous, smooth or apically glandular-hairy. Leaves variable in shape and size, usually narrowly lanceolate , glabrous along the margin shortly and indistinctly ciliolate. Inflorescence either solitary, opposite or between the leaves, or arranged in shorter or longer, lax to dense racemes or panicles. Inflorescence and sepals covered with spreading viscid hairs; sepals green, about 5 mm long; corolla tube white, the 5 lobes blue-purple with white base; stamens 5, filament white or purple, ovary superior; stigma white. Fruit capsule, ellipsoid, sparsely pilose, 4-5 mm long; seeds oblong, longitudinally ribbed, 0.3-0.6 mm long.
Invaded Habitat:
In permanently or periodically swampy or inundated localities,  rice fields, shallow pools and on river banks.
Throughout Indonesia, except the Moluccas and Papua, as far as known.
From 0-1000 m altitude in areas with or without a pronounced dry season.
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