Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Bergia capensis

Family Name:
Bergia repens Blume
B. verticillata Willd.
Elatina verticillata W. & A.
South India
Annual, aquatic, creeping herb, with emerging, vertical, thick, succulent, red or pink, longitudinally-striped branches, peripherically divided into  large air ducts by radiating septa, 8-50 cm long.; stipules erect, membranous, ovate-triangular, 2-3 mm long. Leaves opposite, oblong-lanceolate to oblanceolate, finely red toothed, 1.5-2 x 0.75-2.5 cm; petioles stout, 1-5 mm. Inflorescence many flowered clustered, axillary, dense, actinomorphic, 5-merous; pedicel glabrous 0.5-3 mm long; sepal 5; light green, red-tipped, broadly elliptic; petals 5, persistent, slightly longer than the sepals, white, transparent; stamen 10; filaments thin from broadened  base; ovary superior, recurved; styles 2-5, erect, recurved. Fruit capsule, reddish, globose, 2.5 mm in diameter with 5 longitudinal grooves; seeds numerous, brown, conspicuously reticulate, 0.4-0.5 mm long
Invaded Habitat:
Swampy sites, wet grasslands, pools, riverbanks, lowland  irrigated and rain fed rice fields
Mostly found in areas with pronounced dry season. Occurs in Central and East Java at 0-600 m altitude. Flowers in Java from February to June
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