Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Elatine triandra

Family Name:
Annual, delicate, glabrous herb, often much branched and forming dense patches. Stem 1-15 cm long; stipule minute, ovate-triangular, dentate. Leaves opposite, entire, ovate, oblong, lanceolate to spathulate, 3.5-15 x 1.5-4 mm. Inflorescence minute, sessile or sub-sessile, alternately axillary on the right or left side of the stem, actinomorphic, bisexual; sepal 2-3, persistent; petal 2-3, free, white or pink, 1-1.25 mm long; stamen 3,; ovary superior, globose; stigmas 3, sub-sessile. Fruit capsule, sub-globose, wall very thin; seeds numerous, oblong, rounded at both ends, slightly curved, yellowish brown,  0.5 mm long
Invaded Habitat:
Lowland  irrigated rice fields; in shallow lakes, froms dense patches on the bottom, locally numerous
Sumatra and Java
Occurs at 500- 2000 m altitude
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