Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Urochloa glumaris

Family Name:

Brachiaria paspaloides (J. Persl) C.E. Hubb
Panicum distachyum auct.
Brachiaria ambigua (Trin.) Presl
Panicum ambiguum (non Trin.) Backer
Urochloa paspaloides Presl

Perennial grass, often copiously branched, usually creeping and rooting at the base. Stem slender, erect or ascending 15-40 cm tall, leafy, hairless. Leaves narrow, 5-20 cm long, usually hairless, rough above and on the margins; ligule a membranous ridge of short hairs.  Inflorescence of 3-4 spikes at end of shoots, axis ciliolate on the margins, pubescent on the nodes; spikelets arranged in pairs, one stalked and other not, often purple; single spikelet nearly as long as the lower empty glume with 5-7 green veins, upper glume 7-nerved; upper flowering glume with a short stiff point at the tip enclosing the minutely granulate palea; stigma deep purple. Seeds ovoid, flatened.
Invaded Habitat:
In damp places, a weed of open spaces; in up land rice fields; grassy roadsides, lawns, plantations; sometimes abundant.
Troughout Indonesia
In Java up to 1200  m alt.  In not too dry, but also not wet, sunny to lightly shaded sites
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