Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Rotala ramosior

Family Name:
Rotala catholica (Cham. & Schlecht.) van Leeuwen
Ammania catholica Cham. & Schlechtend. var. philippinensis
A. humilis
Central America probably Mexico
Annual, terrestrial or amphibious, flat or erect and spreading herb. Stem, lower part creeping and rooting at the nodes, 4-angled, 10-55 cm long. Leaves, sub-sessile, entire, linear-oblong to elliptic, both side narrow, 45 x 3-7 mm. Inflorescence a solitary flower in axils of bracts, sessile; calyx tube in fruit globose, 2-4.5 mm long, greenish white or tinged with red; lobes 4; calyx appendages 4, spreading, triangular; petals 4, white or pink; stamens 4, attached near the base of the calyx tube; ovary superior, globose; style very short, thick; stigma subbi-lobed. Fruit capsule, sub-globose, 2-4.5 mm long, enclosed in the ribbed calyx; seeds pear shape, dark red to brown
Invaded Habitat:
Usually found in annually inundated areas. Sometimes in shallow permanent water in ponds, streams and occasionally, in mud and marshes
Java and Sulawesi
Occurs from 20-200 m altitude. Flowering and fruiting occur when the site dries out
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