Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Celosia argentea

Family Name:
Perhaps Africa
Annual herb, stiffly erect to 150 cm tall. Leaves rather sparse, alternate, sometimes reddish, oblong-lanceolate, 4-18 cm x 0.8-6.5 cm (highest very small).  Inflorescences in dense terminal racemes, at first oval, lengthening as flowering proceeds; perianth segments 5, to 8 mm long, scarious, white with at first a pinkish tinge; stamens 5, united at the base, anther violet-pink; style persistent, at first violet-pink. Fruit membranous (utricle) finally splitting around the equatorial line.  Seed lenticular, about 1.2 mm across, black, shining.
Invaded Habitat:
Roadsides, especially after disturbance, building sites, quarries, riverbeds, upland and gogo rancah rice fields.  Also a weed in annual crops and sometimes heavily grazed pastures.
Throughout Indonesia.
Flowering from January to December, up to 700 m alt.
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