Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Clidemia hirta

Family Name:
South America.
A shrubby plant up to 175 cm tall.  Stem covered with soft, reddish, bristly hairs. Leaves opposite, broadest about the middle, elliptical, 5-14 cm long and 4-7 cm wide; base round or heart shape, upper surface raised between the five conspicuous ribs and cross veins.  Inflorescence axillary in small short bunches.  Calyx green hairy, tube shaped with long narrow teeth; petals white four to five, stamen 8-10 of different size which project beyond the petals.  Fruit a small round pulpy berry, green turning black when ripe.
Invaded Habitat:
It has invaded the coconut plantation, rubber, cacao, oil palm, sugarcane,tea plantations,  open forest and pasture.
Widely spread in Java.
Open space or slightly shaded, flowering throughout the year, at 5-1350 m alt.
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