Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Eupatorium sordidum

Family Name:
Eupatorium ianthinum Hemsl.
Shrub, often widely branched, 150-250 cm tall.  Stem robust, densely shortly hairy. Leaves on 2-10 cm long petioles, ovate-to cordate-elliptic,  the upper surface dark-green, thinly shortly hairy, the lower light-green and shortly hairy on the nerves, 9-30 cm x 4-25 cm. Inflorescences corymbs terminal and in the upper leaf-axils, paniculiform, dense, 15-30 cm wide; head flowers numerous, rather large, 6-8 mm thick, c. 75-flowered, long-peduncled, 7-10 mm long;   involucral bracts c. 4-seriate, partly dark purple, densely shortly hairy, outer ones ovate, inner ones oblong; corolla purple or pink, funnel-shaped, c. 6 mm long; style-arms far exserted; achenes glabrous, c. 1.5 mm long; pappus-hairs numerous, white, shorter than the corolla.
Invaded Habitat:
Forest trails, forest-borders and waste places.
It was introduced in Java as ornamental plants in the mountainous regions of West Java (Mt. Pangrango), running wild and become a problems at Mount Gede Pangrango and vicinity.
In West Java found at the altitude of 1400-1700 m alt.
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