Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Fimbristylis miliacea

Family Name:
Fimbristylis littoralis Gaudich
Tropical America
An erect, tufted annual or perennial sedge reaching about 0.9 m tall.  Stem 4-angled, flattened, basal sheath sharply keel, laterally compressed, leafy shoots always present. Inflorescence much branched, branches about 5 cm long radiating from the end of stem; spikelets numerous, small, solitary brown or straw coloured; glumes oval, brown, with a green keel. Stamen 1-2, style trigonous, slightly thickened at its base. Fruit an achene, smaller than the glume, pale yellow or almost white.
Invaded Habitat:
Serious weed of rice fields, ditched and damp waste grounds. It is also found in maize and sugar cane.
Pan-tropical. Trough-out Indonesia
The plant can produce 10 000 seeds per plant.  In many places seeds seem to have no dormancy period and thus germinate very quickly. Found at 0 -1000 m alt.
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