Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Galinsoga parviflora

Family Name:
Wollastonia zollingeriana auct. non Sch.-Bip.
Herb, erect, often branched, 0.15-0.80 m tall.  Stem shortly hairy in upper part, sometimes with gland-hairs, otherwise glabrous. Leaves ovate or ovate oblong, with a cuneate base and a tappering, obtuse apex, 3 nerved, shallowly serrate, very thin at both surfaces, 1-5.5 cm (2-15 mm long petiole disregarded) by 0.5-3.5 cm.  Heads often germinate, 5-8 mm diameter; peduncles 7-35 mm; involucral scales ovate, sub-acute, sub-glabrous, outer ones 2-3 mm long, inner ones c. 4 mm long;  pales oblong-sptulate, most of them with 2 very acute, lanceolate lateral lobes; marginal flowers 5, rarely wanting; corolla pubescent, accrescent during anthesis, with an elliptic, 1-2 mm long, 3 dentate, ligule; disk flower pubescent.  Achenes black, pubescent, c. 1.5 mm long; pappus c. 1.5 mm long.
Invaded Habitat:
In arable lands, gardens, roadsides, wastelands, forest margin, in light forests, in sugarcane, tea, coffee and  cinchona plantations.  Locally very numerous, in cinchona,  cinnamon, and higher tea plantations, one of the common weeds.
Long ago introduced in Java and there a very common weed and become naturalized. Has spread throughout Indonesia, except Kalimantan and the Moluccas
Grow well from 300-2500 m alt, along rivers going down to 200 m.  In sunny to rather shady areas.  Has strong preference for porous, reasonably to very fertile not too dry soils.
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