Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Stachytarpheta jamaicensis

Family Name:
Tropical America
Perennial herb or sub-shrub, with numerous curving ascending branches, up to 100 cm tall. Stem slightly flattened or square stem. Leaves opposite, on winged stalks, oval or elliptic, 4-10 cm long, with toothed edges; leaf-blade flat.  Inflorescence a terminal spike, the rachis thickened, the flowers arising from depressions in it; corolla tubular at the base, above expanded, purplish blue, about 1 cm across; stamens 2 inside the corolla tube; after flowering the rachis become more thickened, so that it is distinctly wider than the depressions holding the fruit.  Fruit elliptic-oblong, about 3.5 mm long, enclosed in the dry calyx, finally splitting into 2 nut-lets, the inner side of each quite flat.
Invaded Habitat:
Waysides, secondary forest, fences along streamlets, grass-fields, brushwood, young forest, watersides,  often numerous.
Commonly found in Java. Known in South Sulawesi and West Timor. It is widespread all over Papua.
Sunny or slightly shaded, not too dry places. In  Java up to 500 m alt.
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