Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Tithonia diversifolia

Family Name:
Mirasolia diversifolia Hemsl.
Urbanisol targetiflora (Desf.) Kuntze (‘targetifolius’) var. diversifolius (Hemsl.) Kuntze
Mexico & Central America
Robust shrub or herb, with subterraneous stolons, 1.00-9.00 m tall.
Leaves ovate, ovate-rhomboid or ovate-oblong, narrowed into the 2 – 10 cm long,  the upper surface dark-green, on the lower greyish-green, on both surfaces thinly shortly hairy and minutely glandular, 7-32 cm (petiole disregarded) x 4-25 cm; petiole 2-10 cm long.  Flower, involucre campanulate; bracts 3-4 seriate, shortly hairy, outer ones shorter and narrower than inner ones, 7-10 mm long, inner ones obtuse or acute, 20-25 mm long; head flowers 6-14 cm diam.; c. 12 mm long; ray-flowers 12-14, their corolla 3-5 cm long, yellow; corolla of disk-flowers 7.5 - 10 mm long; anthers black with a yellow top; achenes 5-8 mm long.
Invaded Habitat:
Along roadsides, waste places, fences, edge of old coffee plantations.
Naturalized in many tropical regions; already long before 1900 introduced in Java, and spread to other islands, Sumatra, and Sulawesi.
Grow at 5-1500 m alt., often running wild especially above 200 m alt.
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