Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Cissus sicyoides

Family Name:
Vitis quadricornuta (non Miq.) Back.
Tropical Africa
Climbing shrubs, 500-1200 cm tall.  Stem not pruinose, terete, striate, often emitting hanging long, funiform, red, aerial roots which, in reaching water ramify brush-like; stipules very fugacious.  Leaves ovate oblong, from cordate to truncate base, 7.5-17.5 x  5-12 cm;  branches of cyme always greent; flower-buds with a rounded top; calyx shallowly 4-lobed; petals yellow or white, ± 2 mm long; disk flower yellow, 4-8 lobed; style after anthesis accrescent, becoming filiform and longer than rest of flower, green. Berry decurved, shining black.
Invaded Habitat:
Almost exclusively on watersides, under tree. Important weeds at the Bogor Bogor Botanical Garden, climbing and covering the crown of the trees.
In Jawa naturalized in the surroundings of Bogor, West Java; also found in Bali and Sulawesi.
Prefer the humid environment.  Flowering throughout the year.
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