Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Sonchus arvensis

Family Name:
Sonchus wightianus DC.
Europe & S. W. C. Asia
Annual or  perennial herb, with a strong taproot, 65 – 200 cm tall, with white latex, in the lower part un-branched, in the upper part with erect patent branches. Stem cylindrical, hollow, often glandular bristly. Leaves blue green, irregularly dentate, lower ones rosette, sessile strongly narrow, often petiole-like, lanceolate-spathulate, 6 – 50 cm x 1 – 12 cm. Flower heads terminal, combined into rather few-flowered, leafless, open corymb; peduncle cylindrical, 1-8 cm long, involucre campanulate; flowers equal, 2-3 cm long, limb short, 5-toothed, bright yellow, turning brownish red; anther connate, style arms long and thin. Achenes 3-ribbed, yellowish brown, 4 – 4.5 mm long; pappus hairs white, toothed, 8-15 mm long.
Invaded Habitat:
Agricultural fields, dikes along rice-fields, ravine-slopes, terrace-walls, ditch-borders, potato, tea- and cinchona- plantations; also invaded swampy grassland and along watercourses.
Introduced in Indonesia long time ago, has spread throughout Indonesia except Mollucas and Papua.
It is grow well in rather wet climates, sunny or very shaded, rather moist sites in arable land at 50-2400 m alt.
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