Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Tridax procumbens

Family Name:
Tropical America
Perennial herb, with a firm tap root. Branches ascending from a creeping base, 20-75 cm long. Stem cylindrical, often purplish, hairy.  Leaves opposite, thick, ovate-elliptic,  with 2 lateral lobes near the base, 2.5-6 x 2-4 cm, deeply and irregularly serrate, hairy on both surfaces. Flower heads terminal and axillary, 1 2 cm, long- stalked; involucre bell-shaped;  ray flowers 5-6, female, corolla 8-9 mm long, 3-6 –lobed, pale yellow or white; dics flowers numerous, corolla lobes 5, corolla 6-7.5 mm long, bright yellow.  Achenes angular, dark brown to black, densely white long hairy, feathered, unequal in length, 1.8-2.3 mm long .
Invaded Habitat:
Pepper and cotton plantations, rain-fed and upland rice-fields.   Along roads, dikes, rail-roads, riverbanks, cultivated land, meadows, dunes, rain-fed and upland rice fields.
Long ago introduced in Java, collected there for the first time in 1875 and naturalized; introduced elsewhere in Indonesia.
Especially in drier areas, sunny or slightly wet substrata at the elevation of  0-1500 m alt.
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