Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Waltheria Americana

Family Name:
Waltheria indica L.
Probably Tropical America
An erect sub-shrub, often woody at the base, 30-150 cm tall. Petiole 2 cm long, leaves broadly ovate-oblong, the base rounded, or sub-cordate,  1.5-7 x 1-6 cm , the terminal one much reduced, grayish tomentose beneath, finely dentate. Inforescence glomerated in leaf axils, sessile or shortly stalked, 5 mm long; bracts and sepals pale green, corolla somewhat exserted .Fruit capsules small, membranous, enclosed by persistent calyx, hairy toward the top. Seeds trigonous, smooth, reddish brown, 2 mm long.
Invaded Habitat:
Dry, sunny grassy fields, arable lands, dams, dunes, rubber plantations in West Java, oil palm plantations in Bangka island.
Java, Sumatra.
Flowers throughout the year, in Java found at 5-125 m alt.
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