Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Hyptis rhomboidea

Family Name:
Hyptis capitata Jacq.
Tropical America
A stout, erect, non-aromatic herb, 50-250 cm tall. Stem 4-angular, with several ribs, hairy, near the nodes often purple-spotted. Leaves opposite, the lower ons petioled , upper ones sub-sessile, lanceolate to rhomboid- elliptic, margin toothed, 4-14 .5 x 1-6.5 cm. Inflorescence in axillary, solitary, crowded in long-peduncled, peduncles up to 10 cm long; heads globose, 1-2 cm in diameter, with basal involucre of hairy bracts; calyx green, 4 mm long, accrescent, 8 mm long in fruit; corolla white. Fruit a brownish-black nutlets.
Invaded Habitat:
Road sides, along ditches, waste places, upland crop fields,  rubber plantations, moist part of teak forest.
Pan-tropical, a long time ago naturalize in Indonesia. Throughout Indonesia.
Sunny or lightly shaded places, in some places very common, in other areas scattered. Flowers all the year around.
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