Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Thunbergia grandiflora

Family Name:
Tropical Asia
A woody climber with stem reaching 200-500 cm length. Long subterranean stolons often present. Petioles are 4-13 cm long.  Leaves opposite, with a cordate, 5-7-nerved base, shallowly to deeply palmati-lobed, 7-18 x 6.5-19 cm. Large flowers with trumpet-shaped, blue or whitish corolla are borne in axillary clusters of 1-2 flowers, or in pendulous racemes; pedicels 4.5-16 cm long. Fruit are globose capsules of 3-5 cm length, containing four flattened seeds; each fruit has a conspicuous, long and woody beak at the end.
Invaded Habitat:
Forest, forest edges, riparian habitat, river sides. Sometimes cultivated as ornamental plants, running wild by its  stolons, locally sometimes in very great numbers.
This vigorous climber spreads mainly vegetatively by stolons. The plant develops an extensive tuberous root system with some tubers reaching 50 cm diameter and 3 m length. The fast growing climber smothers all vegetation up to 12 m above ground, especially along rivers, and becomes the dominant ground cover. Dense infestations can kill host trees by the weight of the stems.
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