Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Bidens pilosa

Family Name:
Bidens sundaica Blume
B. leucorrhiza (Lour.)DC.
B. pilosa L. var. minor (Blume) Sherff
South Africa.
Annual herb, erect, aromatic, 15-100 cm tall. Stem slender, 4-angled, often much branched.  Leaves opposite, with 3-5(7) leaflet, leaflet ovate, margin toothed, 2-5 x 1-2.5 cm. Inflorescence terminal or axillary, loosely branched flower heads borne on long peduncle, disc flowers brown or yellowish, ray flowers 5-7,  white surrounded by 2 rows of narrow bracts. Achenes black or dark brown, 0.5-1.3 cm long; 4-awns at apex, no pappus.
Invaded Habitat:
Descending along watercourses, vegetable fields, upland rice fields, shifting cultivations, gardens, roadsides, tea-, cinchona-, coffee-, and rubber-plantations, village groves.
Before 1835 already naturalized in Java; has spread everywhere except Kalimantan and the Moluccas.
Prefer moist soils up to 2500 m alt. Flowers all the year round. Seeds stored for 3-5 years showed 80% germination. For germination, light and good aeration are necessary.
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