Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Elephantopus scaber

Family Name:
Tropical America
A short, stiff, tufted and perennial herb,  up to 70 cm tall.  Leaves mostly basal rosette,  white-hairy, variable in size, oblong, broadest near the rounded or blunt tip, narrowed to the base, 4-15 x 1-5 cm wide; leafstalk very short and hairy. Inflorescence at the end of white wooly branches rising from leaves, several in clusters surrounded by broad reddish or purplish leaf-like bracts; corolla purple, 8-9 mm long,  just protruding beyond the bracts with a white tube. Achenes ribbed,  with a pappus of stiff bristles.
Invaded Habitat:
On grassy fields, road sides, dike of rice-fields, forest borders, young forests and sometimes a troublesome weed in lawn.
Pan tropic, widely distributed throughout Indonesia.
Found at 0-1500 m alt.
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