Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Ipomoea triloba

Family Name:
Tropical America
Twining, lactiferous, often much branched herb, 100-300 cm long. Stem angular, glabrous. Leaves scattered, broadly ovate, 6-12 x 5-10 cm, apically narrow, entire or with 2-3 lobes; base cordate; petiole cylindrical, channeled in front, 3.5-12 cm long. Inflorescence in axillary, erect patent, peduncled, 1-7 flowered, often dense cymes; only one or few flowers open at the same time; peduncle robust, angular, glabrous, 1-7 cm long; bracts minute, narrow, sub-persistent,; pedicels robust, angular, 3-10 mm long; sepal 5, unequal, imbricate, persistent, erect with recurved tips, 7-8 mm long, pale green; corolla campanulate, pink, 17-20 mm long; tube funnel shape, inside hairy, limb 5 lobed with 5 pale tri-angular fields in the centre of the lobes; stamen 5 deep in the tube; filaments white,; ovary superior, 2 celled. Fruit capsule globose, long hairy, crowned  by the style base, brown, 7-8 mm in diameter, 4 valved.
Invaded Habitat:
In sunny sites in bushes, thickets, hedges, grasslands, upland rice fields, waste places, occasionally on the foreshore.
Pan-tropical, throughout Indonesia except Kalimantan as far as known.
Found at 0-1000 m alt. Flowers throughout the year. The flowers close before noon.
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