Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Leucaena leucocephala

Family Name:
Leucaena glauca Auct. non Bth.
Tropical Central America
Small shrub or small tree up to 10 m tall. Leaves bipinnate, alternate, with 3-10 pairs of pinnae, to 20 cm long, with an orbicular gland below the proximal pair of pinnae; leaflets opposite, linear or linear oblong, 8-15 x 1-2 mm, 5-20 pairs per pinnae, glabrous on both sides. Inflorescence borne in axillary or terminal panicles, flowers white, in pedunculate glomerules of up to 3.  Fruit a pod, membranous, straight, 14-26 x 1.5-2 cm, pendulous, ripening brown and dehiscent; seeds 15-30 per pod, narrowly ovoid, compressed, 6-9 x 3-4.5 mm, brown.
Invaded Habitat:
Locally abundant in secondary vegetation, along roadsides, in clearing, waste land, gravely riverbeds, tea and coffee plantations.
Very early introduction of Java; at present cultivated and naturalized, in Indonesia all over the areas.
Altitude from sea level up to 1400 m. Flowers and fruits available throughout the year.
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