Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Ludwigia peruviana

Family Name:
Jussiaea hirta (L.) Sw.
Jussiaea  peruviana L.
Jussiaea speciosa Ridley
Tropical America
Erect perennial robust herb, 100-200 cm tall. On inundated soil often forming numerous pseudo-aerophores arising from horizontal roots running just below the mud surface and are pressed upward by the water pressure, while the end flat horizontally. Stems apices sharply angular, densely patent-hairy. Leaves shortly petioled, scattered, entire, oblong- lanceolate, 5-15 x 1.5-4 cm. Inflorescence solitary, axillary, actinomorphic, 4 (5)- merous; Pedicel 7-25 mm long; sepal 4, petal 4, yellow; stamen 8, filaments short, anthers 2-celled, 5-6 mm long; ovary inferior, 4-5 celled; style short, thick, stigma conical club-shaped. Fruit capsule, ob-conical, sharply angular, hairy, 22-27 mm long.  
Invaded Habitat:
Along rivers and watercourses, on soggy sites, lebak rice fields. Sometimes abundant.
Pantropical. Introduce into Java a long time ago and has now spead throughout Java and Sumatra.
Found at altitude sea level up to 1400 m.
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