Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Oxalis corniculata

Family Name:
Oxalis repens Thunb., Xanthoxalis corniculata (L.) Small
Unknown, perhaps a southern European origin
Perennial, 5-35 cm tall, with slightly woody taproot; branches numerous, creeping and rooting at the nodes, sometimes robust and erect. Stem cylindrical hairy. Leaves in palmately 3-foliolate; petiole 1.5-10 cm long; Leaflet ob-cordate, base cuneate, apex deeply emarginated, below hairy, 4-25 x 5-25 mm. Inflorescence in axillary, peduncled umbellate, 1-8 flowers; peduncles finely hairy, 1-20 cm long; flowers bisexual, actinomorphic; pedicel 5-20 mm long finely hairy; petals yellow, Fruit a 5-celled minutely puberulous, erect, pentagonal, 12-20 mm long capsule, cells with 5-11 seeds, splitting into 2 valves, compressed ovoid, ribbed, reddish brown.
Invaded Habitat:
In fields and gardens, hedges, base of walls, road sides, upland rice fields.
Throughout Indonesia except Kalimantan and Sulawesi.
In the tropics it flowers all the year round. In the evening the leaflets fold up. Produces numerous seeds, which are ejected in the dry weather. The seeds germinate well in light, at temperatures below 21o C. From 0-3000 m alt.
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