Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Pilea microphylla

Family Name:
South America
Delicate herb. Stem succulent, slender, angular, creeping and rooting at the base, often much branch, 4-12 cm long, densely leafy.  Leaves sub-elliptic,  one of each pair distinctly smaller and on a much shorter petiole; larger one distichous, 3-6 x 1-2 mm, smaller one  1-2.5  x 0.5-1 mm. Inflorescence dense, axillary cymes; flowers uni-sexual, in small congested, sub-capitate, nearly sessile, the individual flowers greenish or tinged with red, less than 1 mm long. Fruit small, ovate.
Invaded Habitat:
Hard or stony places, old walls, dams, gardens, drains, roads, and  pathways.
It has been naturalized in Java since long time ago.
Found at 3-1425 m alt.
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