Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Amaranthus spinosus

Family Name:
It has been expected that A. spinosus originates from lowland tropical South and Central America, and that it was introduced in other warmer parts of the world from about 1700 AD onwards.
An annual, erect, monoecious herb, often much-branched, 15-100 cm tall. Stem glabrous, terete or obtusely angular, fleshy, reddish, with slender spines at the leaf axils and branches. Leaves alternate, simple, oval to oblong in outline, tip blunt with hair-like point, base narrow to a long leaf stalk; larger leaves 3.5-11 cm by 1-4.5 cm.  Inflorescences in dense spikes arising from leaf axils, flower small, greenish, flower-cluster entirely ; those of the spikes and panicles entirely or for the greater part ?‰ above the base. Fruit one-seeded dehiscent capsule; seeds shining black, 1 mm across.
Invaded Habitat:
Up land rice fields, sugar cane plantations, vegetable fields,gardens, pastures,  road sides, railway yards and waste grounds.
Pan-tropical, distributed throughout  Indonesia.
In open or light shade, not to dry places, prefers moist and rich soils. Up to 1800 m alt. Up to 20000 seeds/plant.
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