Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Digitaria setigera

Family Name:

Digitaria consanguinea Gaud.
D. marginata Link. var pruriens Hook.f. ex Ridl.
D. microbachne Henr.
D. pruriens Buese
D. sanguinalis (non Scop.) Backer, p.p.
Panicum corymbosum (non Roxb.) Trin
Panicum microbachne Presl
Panicum pruriens Fischer ex Trin.
Paspalum sanguinale Lamk. var pruriens Hook.f.
Syntherisma corymbosa (non Hosokawa) Hosokawa, p.p.
Paspalum microbachne Hitchc.

Tropical Asia
A decumbent annual, 20-80 cm tall. Stem much branched, creeping at the base and rooting at the lower nodes. Leaves linear,  3-20 cm  x 3-10 mm, somewhat rough on both sides.  Inflorescence of 3-15 racemes,  up to 15 cm long, 1 or 2 whorls; spekelet almost sessile, 2.5-3 mm long, oblong lanceolate, first glume extremely minute, second glume greatly reduced, about one-half the length of the spikelet; sterile lemma strongly 5-nerved, hairy on lateral inter-nerves; fertile lemma about 3 mm long, faintly nerved, the hyaline margin wrapped over the palea. Caryopsis oblong, yellowish brown.
Invaded Habitat:
In dry-land field crops and plantation crops, pasture; in waste-grounds and by the roadsides.
Troughout Indonesia, except Sulawesi and the Moluccas, as far as known.
Found at sea level up to 3 000 m altitude and is widespread in all soil types. Vegetative reproduction also occurs from cut stem fragments, which can produce roots from the nodes
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