Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Dactyloctenium aegyptium

Family Name:
Dactyloctenium aegyptiacum Willd.
Eleusine aegyptia (L.) Desf.
Tropics of the Old World

Annual, or sometimes perennial. Stem compressed, creeping and rooting at nodes, nodes hairless, branching often dichotomously forming radiate mass; erect part 20-40 cm tall. Leaf sheaths over-lapping, compressed, hairy; ligule very short, membranous, truncate with jagged edge bearing bristles; blades flat with fine white especially on the margins and nerves beneath. Inflorescence of 3-5 comb-like un-branched terminal spikes, 2-5 cm long radiating from the top of the stem, thick, one-sided; spikelet crowded in several rows 2.5-4 mm x 4 mm; glumes boat-shaped, keeled and produced into a short, stiff incurved awn. Caryopsis obovoid, compressed, light yellow to orange brown, transversely ridged, 1 mm.

Invaded Habitat:
In dry-land field crops; plantation and vegetable crops; by the roadsides and in sandy soil.
Throughout Indonesia
Occurs from sea level to 1 000 m and grows in sunny or lightly shaded places. It is well adapted to drier areas and light sandy soils in open places, dry or somewhat moist. One plant can produce up to 60 000 seeds which, after 19 years, still showed a germination of 5 percent. Propagation by vegetative means through production of creeping stems is also possible.
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