Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Digitaria longiflora

Family Name:
Paspalum longiflorum Retz.
A slender annual or sometimes short-lived perennial grass, with a short rhizome, tufted and mat forming; flowering stem erect  up to 60 cm tall. Leaf sheaths with a ring of fine hairs at the nodes; ligule membranous, margin irregular; blade ovate-lanceolate to linear, smooth, 1-9 cm x 1-5 mm. Inflorescence terminal, composed of 2-4 digitately arrange racemes, spreading or ascending, 3-5 cm long.; spikelet 1.5 mm long, oblong, one pedicillate, the other sessile. Caryopsis oblong, enclosed by the hardly thickened lemma and palea, light brown, 1.5 mm.
Invaded Habitat:
Grasslands, road sides, open forests, upland rice fields.
Throughout Indonesia except Nusa Tenggara and Papua as far as known.
A pioneer on humid, sandy to rocky soils. Not resistant to very dry or prolonged wet periods, up to 1500 m altitude.
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