Invasive Alien Species

Species Name: Centotheca latifolia

Family Name:
Holcus latifolius Osbeck
Cenchrus lappaceus L.
Centotheca lappacea (L.) Desv.
Africa, Asia.
Perennial, 30-100 cm tall .  Stem erect, arising from a short root-stock; nodes hairless. Leaf sheaths closely striate, 4-6 cm long;ligule membraneous; blade broad, elliptical, hairy above and sometimes below, often tinged purplish and with crisped margins; midrib oblique, 10-25 cm x 2-3 cm. Inflorescence a branching terminal panicle 10-25 cm long, with smooth spreading branches; spikelet green with one to three florets, 8 mm long, all bisexual except sometimes the uppermost one; lemmas not awned; flowering glumes edges with stiff deflexed spiny hairs;. Caryopsis dark brown, glossy, 1 mm long.
Invaded Habitat:
In new clearings, forest edges and paths, road sides, waste places, cocoa, oil palm and rubber plantations.
Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi  as far as known.
Grows well at 0-1500 m alt.; shady, moderately dry to humid situations.  Flowering occurs throughout the year. Often seedlings can be found around older plants.
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