Partners Research

  • Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park (GGPNP)

    Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park (GGPNP), The GGPNP, established in 1980 as a National park, is one of the  41 national parks of Indonesia which is located in Bogor.  It has a total area of  21,975 Ha covering 3 districts of West Java: Cianjur, Sukabumi and Bogor.  
  • Indonesian Biotechnology Information Centre (IndoBIC)

    The IndoBIC (Indonesian Biotechnology Information Centre) was established initially in 2003 as the cooperation between the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) and the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO BIOTROP).
  • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

    Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources was established since 11 September 1945 (originally called the Bureau of Mines and Geology. In 2000 the name changed to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has a duty to help the President to organize government affairs in the field of energy and mineral resources. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources vision is to create resilience and autonomy energy also increase value of energy and mineral to provide benefits for the Indonesian people's welfare. Collaboration SEAMEO BIOTROP and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources are in education aspect, research consultancies foar post mining land reclamation, biodiversity conservation and also community development through sustainable biological resources utilization


  • Bogor Agricultural University

    Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) was built on 1 September 1963 as the form of visionary thinking from the leader of nation and they who were care about the agricultural university that this great nation had a world-class university with the competence in the field of agriculture,bioscience, and various fields related. This was intended for strengthening food security, bioenergy, job creation, poverty alleviation, and preserving the environment.  The vision of IPB is To become a research-based higher education of international standard and a prime mover of agriculture mainstreaming. The Mission of IPB is to implement an excellent high education and comprehensive student development to produce competitive graduates with Indonesian characteristics; conduct research for the development of science and technology which bring benefit to agrarian and maritime communities; provide public services that promotes innovations in science and technology with entrepreneurial characteristics while maintaining the great values of the nation and preserving natural resources, and strengthen an effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable management system of higher education. Collaboration SEAMEO BIOTROP with IPB are in education aspect, research partners, and biodiversity conservation.



  • LIPI

    Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI, Indonesian Institute of Sciences) was officially established on 23 August 1967. LIPI’s vision is the formation of a just, enlightened, creative, integrated, and dynamic society, supported by science and technology. And the mission are to master science and technology in the incessant efforts of strengthening national unity and of vitalizing the competitiveness of the nation, and to participate in the endeavor to develop the national community through. All research done by LIPI’ scientists has to produce high quality results which contribute significantly to the advancement of science and to the academic world, industries, government institutions and society. Collaboration SEAMEO BIOTROP with LIPI are in education aspect, research partners, and biodiversity conservation.


  • Universiti Malaysia Sabah

    Universiti Malaysia Sabah was established on November 24, 1994. UMS has vission  to be an innovative university of global standing and the mission are to achieve academic excellence and international recognition through its attention to learning and teaching, research and publications, social services and balance inknowledge specialisation. The university also prioritises the personal growth of its students,resulting in greater innovation and productivityfor the benefit of society and the nation as a whole. At 2014, SEAMEO BIOTROP collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Sabah in joint research of DIPA SEAMEO BIOTROP 2014 which tittle ”Biodiversity And Antiproliferation Activities Of Indonesian Java Chilli, Piper Retrofractum Vahl., Against Breast Cancer Cells (Mcf-7)


    Indonesian Biotechnology Research Institute for Estate Crops (IBRIEC) was established since 1901 by the Dutch colonial government named Proefstation Centrale Vereniging (CPV), located approximately 100 m in northern Bogor Botanical Gardens, in the town of Bogor, West Java. Development of plantation commodities such as palm oil, rubber, coffee, cocoa and tea in Indonesia can not be separated from the role of these institutions. This national research institutes plantation became the forerunner to the establishment of plantation commodities research institutes in Indonesia. IBRIEC has a mission to being a research-based biotechnology firm innovative estates and internationally. And the mission are increase competency resources for research and technological innovation produce work of international research; Conduct research breakthroughs in the field of biotechnology estates according to user needs; Establish cooperative research, development, and commercialization of research results with other institutions nationally and internationally; Encouraging acceleration and utilization of research results that are highly competitive biotechnology to support the advancement of agri-environmental farm; Brought IBRIEC institutional independence through services expertise, technology licensing, analytical services, and commercialization of research results; Implement social responsibility. Collaboration SEAMEO BIOTROP with BPBPI are in research partners, and services of analysis laboratory.

  • PT Intiland Grande

    PT Intiland Grande is a subsidiary of PT Intiland Development Tbk. PT Intiland Grande  is property developer and commercial buildings in Surabaya and other cities in East Java.  Established in 1973, 2.600 housing units of Darmo Satelit Residence has developed in 1977. In 1993, Graha Famili township has gradually stretched over 280 hectares in West Surabaya, as a integrated residential area that consisting of luxurious housing estate, condominium, golf course and commercial area. In 2002, Graha Famili area grew ± 70 hectares so at the peresent, widespread Graha Famili reached ± 350 hectares. In 2010, the Company started developing housing units of Graha Natura sprawling over 86-hectare land, located in Lontar, West Surabaya. Collaboration SEAMEO BIOTROP with PT. Intiland Grande are in development of forest tree nursery plants jabon and Indonesian rainforests.

  • PT Tunas Inti Abadi

    PT Tunas Inti Abadi was established on  11 November 2003. The Company's mining concession is located at Sebamban Baru Sub District, Tanah Bumbu Regency, South Kalimantan Province, with a total area of 3,085 Ha. Company has an integrated port facilities, including the most advanced technology flatback feeder breaker,  fixed crusher, reliable barge loading conveyor, owned  laboratory building, camp facility and stock pile with capacity over 100,000 metric tons. Company aims to produce and deliver 5.5 million metric tons coal in every year. Company commits to  apply good corporate governance and good management practices. Company also sets a high standard to safety, health and environment and develops a sustainable corporate social responsibility. Collaboration between SEAMEO BIOTROP and PT TIA are mentoring of implementation action plan for community development program 2012 (amendment), and preparation of master plan community development programm.

  • Manado Forestry Research Agency (Balithut)

    Manado Forestry Research Agency (Balithut) is one of Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Forestry Research and Development Agency located in Manado, North Sulawesi Province. The working area of Balithut Manado covers North Sulawesi, Gorontalo and North Maluku Province. Balithut Manado established by SK. 37/Kpts/VIII/2007, 7 Maret 2007. Based on Forestry Ministry Regulation P. 40/Menhut-II/2010, organization structure of Balithut Manado consist of three section, one Sub-Divison of Administrative and Functional Group.   Based on decision letter of Head of Forestry Research and Development Agency Number: SK.22/VIII/Set/2009 determined two Research Group (Kelti) that existed in Mando Forestry Research Agency, they are Silviculture and Forest Resources Management Research Group. Collaboration between SEAMEO BIOTROP and Manado Forestry Research Agency is make MoU about conservation of biodiversity flora and fauna tropical forest indonesia and local fast growing tree for community forest.