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Aug 25 2014
4th Quarterly Public Seminar Series
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4th Quarterly Public Seminar Series

Topic:     “From project sketch to journal publications:
Research on land cover change and its consequences for plant diversity”
Date & Time:   25 August 2014; 9.00-11.00 am

Topic Abstract:

Around the world, the expansion of agriculture and the extraction of natural resources are increasingly competing with natural ecosystems and biodiversity conservation. In the context of the German-Indonesian collaborative research center EFForTS (Ecological and Socioeconomic Functions of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems), we investigate land-use effects on multiple facets of vascular plant diversity. Plot-based species inventories are conducted in Jambi Province (Sumatra) at local to regional scales across four transformation systems (forest, jungle rubber, rubber plantations, oil palm plantations) replicated in two different landscapes (Harapan Rainforest and Taman Nasional Bukit Duabelas).  The presentation will not only inform about methods and results, but also will highlight breakthroughs and setbacks of our project. Field work involves more than only data collection and is usually linked with a huge amount of planning, organization, and administrative issues. Usually even with a perfect preparation, not everything works out as planned in the field. Thus, this presentation will share our project’s experiences during the past two years to help you in preparing your own field work.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Katja Rembold completed her MS degree in Biology with a thesis on the ecology of Nepenthes madagascariensisat the University on Bonn, Germany. Afterwards, she became responsible for the carnivorous plants working group at the Nees Institute for Biodiversity of Plants and for the carnivorous plant collection at the Botanical Gardens of Bonn for 2.5 years. For her PhD degree which she obtained at the University of Koblenz, Germany in 2011, she shifted her research interest from carnivorous plants to conservation biology, particularly of plants in East African rain forests.  This landed her a position as project manager in an agroforestry project in Rwanda. Since 2012, she assumed a post-doctoral position in an international collaboration project investigating the consequences of rainforest transformation into agricultural systems for plant diversity in Sumatra, Indonesia.

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